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AI will have its greatest power and impact
when everyone can access it, and when it’s
built with everyone’s benefit in mind.
Hence Big or Small Ai is for all.

What is Artificial intelligence ?

The expanding landscape of intelligent automation technologies
is large and multifaceted, but it can be broken down into three
primary classes that lie on a spectrum from simplest to
most complex.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Basic Robotic Process Automation (RPA) lies at one end of the spectrum. Consisting of software- & app-based tools like rules engines, workflow, and screen scraping, RPA tools automate manual and routine activities that follow clear-cutrules, such as comparing records & processing transactions.

Enhanced Process Automation

lies in the middle of the spectrum. These technologies have the ability to process unstructured data, build and use repositories of knowledge, and learn from experience. These capabilities allow them to automate more complex processes that are less structured, more specialized, and require some human judgment, such as fulfilling purchase orders and on boarding new employees

Cognitive Automation (CA)

lies on the far end of the spectrum, targeting activities that require higher-level skill, judgment, and critical thinking. CA systems combine advanced ...