Therefore, while Quality 4.0 makes critical new technologies affordable and accessible to the broad market, its story is really about the application of these technologies to solve long-standing quality challenges and to re-optimize to provide novel solutions.

Quality 4.0 is real, gaining momentum, and a technological gift to quality. Quality leaders should prioritize Quality 4.0 plans; those that stay on the sideline are at risk of being marginalized.

Course Objectives – Key Areas
  • Learn More about Quality 4.0 Framework
  • Basics of Ai
  • Quality Management Principles
  • Building Live Business Case
  • Strategy & Risk Management
  • Business Review
  • Audit – Technology Transformation
  • Auditing Digital with Live
Session Approach - Learning by Doing
Day 1 - Building a Business Case

Understanding the business profile and creating a Live Business Case using a Dummy Business Structure is done on Day One as a Team

  • Introduction

  • Team Building

  • Brand & Build – Live Business Case

  • Strategy - The Dart Game

  • Balanced Scorecard

  • Playing Football @ Manchester United

  • Risk Management

  • Business Review & Enhancement

Day 2 - Quality Frameworks & Business Case Review

On Day Two, After decoding key words of the Quality Frameworks, a High level Gap Analysis to be conducted using Quality 4.0 against the Business

  • Overview- Business Quality Frameworks

  • ISO 9001

  • Quality 4.0

  • Artificial Intelligence (Ai)

  • Ai History & Ai Family

  • Application of Ai in Business

  • Business Case -Strategic Review – Quality 4.0 framework

  • Business Case – Team Discussion

  • Business Case -Technology Deployment

Day 3 - Audit Going Digital

On Day Three, Business Case formed on Day One is Audited considering the Gap Analysis and Implementation done on the previous days. A Written Examination also is conducted

  • Audit Cycle - Now & Future

  • Audit Going Digital –Technology Transformation

  • Digital Audit Scenarios

  • Business Case Audit

  • Audit Reporting & Further Actions

  • Quality 4.0 Project Kick Off

  • Course Feedbacks & Review

  • Follow up Assignments

CQA 4.0
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